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United Methodist Church Changes Course on Distance Learning Limits

In light of yesterday’s post on the benefits of online learning, I was glad to learn last night that the University Senate of the United Methodist Church had backed off its decision to limit online courses for the M.Div. to one-third of the program. Rev. Chris Roberts, a board member at United Theological Seminary, has more information. I’ll just point out that it appears all United Methodist schools of theology and Asbury Theological Seminary will be allowed to provide two-thirds of the M.Div. in the form of online classes. This is a good move on the part of the Senate. I believe that the decision to limit online learning would have led many potential students who may be unable to relocate their families to forego seminary studies leading ultimately to a less educated body of clergy. I’ll also say that I’m a bit surprised for the Senate to change its course, but it is a pleasant surprise. I’m glad they did not choose to stubbornly maintain unhelpful limits on distance learning.

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