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To Pay or Not to Pay: Christians, Universal Healthcare, and Taxes

There have been a number of interesting posts, as of late, by Evangelical bloggers on the a Christian response to the recent passage of healthcare legislation and its effect on government funding for abortions and whether or not Christians ought to pay taxes which are excessive, oppressive, and used to fund government programs antagonistic to biblical teaching.

  1. Doug Wilson not only argues that a tax revolt is the Christian thing to do, he outlines 10 principles underlying such action.

  2. Al Mohler argues, to the contrary, that Christians are commanded in scripture to pay taxes regardless of the unholy nature of government spending.

  3. And related, Russell Moore outlines a Christian biblical approach to taxation while responding to the question as to whether it is right for Christian ministers to opt out of Social Security.

The above links are not explicitly written in response to one another.  Each makes some interesting points.  What do you think?

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