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Pro-Life as Social Justice

I find it very strange that the pro-choice side of the abortion debate is often portrayed as advocating for social justice.  I find it strange because it is the pro-choice side that would have it remain legal to destroy over 1 million pre-born human beings every year.  If this is not unjust, I can’t imagine what is.  It light of this, I take abortion to be the single greatest issue of social justice in the world today.  No other cause involves speaking up for so many who are absolutely unable to speak up for themselves.  No other cause involves defending those who are undeniably defenseless.  The pre-born are not merely marginalized or oppressed.  They are the object of mass slaughter, a new holocaust.  Those who would have this holocaust remain legal are not fighting for rights or justice; they fight to destroy the voiceless and defenseless.

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