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Holiness in the 21st Century

I was privileged to attend an academic conference this past Saturday on the future of the holiness tradition. The conference was a project of the Francis Asbury Society and funded by an anonymous donor with the theme of “understanding and communicating Christian holiness in our day.” Attendees were invited from the faculties of Asbury Theological Seminary, Asbury College, and the Francis Asbury Society, and each faculty member was allowed to invite a student who might be interested in the future of the holiness movement. The keynote speaker was Dr. Graham Walker, President of Patrick Henry College, who presented a stimulating paper called “These Perverse Times: A Diagnostic.” Dr. John Oswalt, Professor of Old Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary, delivered a paper on “Holiness and the Scriptures.” Dr. Paul Vincent gave a paper on “Holiness and the Nineteenth Century: Our Problem or Our Promise.” Each session was followed by discussion and interaction with the speaker. After the last paper, we divided into small groups to discuss some of the issues that had been addressed during the day. The conference concluded with a large group discussion led by Dr. Oswalt and a time of prayer. Overall, I found the conference to be very fruitful, and I learned a lot about the holiness tradition. Having been quite eager to get involved in a group like this, I was very excited to be a part of this meeting. I am encouraged and look forward to seeing how our Lord works through the holiness tradition as it continues to grow and flourish in the coming days.

Photo: Statue of Francis Asbury

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