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At Least they Get It

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a cross on San Diego’s Mount Soledad is unconstitutional and must be removed, reports the Washington Times.  Proponents of keeping this cross in place have called it a “war memorial.”  The Times article cites the court’s decision saying:

“The use of such a distinctively Christian symbol to honor all veterans sends a strong message of endorsement and exclusion,” said the court in its decision. “It suggests that the government is so connected to a particular religion that it treats the religion’s symbolism as its own, as universal. To many non-Christian veterans, this claim of universality is alienating.”

Aside from the curious notion that the main symbol of the reign of the Prince of Peace, not to mention reconciliation between God and man, should be used as a war memorial, let me say that I’m a fan of seeing crosses up all over the place, and the reason for that is the same reason the courts want crosses to come down.  The cross is distinctly Christian; the cross says that Jesus of Nazareth uniquely propitiates the just wrath of God against human sin; the cross says that the God who raised Jesus from the dead is true and all others false.  That is, the cross is exclusive.  I’m a fan of seeing crosses displayed in public precisely because they announce the universal and exclusive rule and authority the Lord Jesus Christ.  The courts want to tear the cross down for exactly the same reason.  At least they get it. 

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