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Arminian Theology Videos (@FASociety, @OUPAcademic)

The Francis Asbury Society (FAS) has kindly made available a series of four videos introducing the life and theology of Jacob Arminius. The videos are the product of a partnership between FAS and Asbury University, and they feature Dr. Thomas McCall, of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Dr. Keith Stanglin, of the Austin Graduate School of Theology. The four videos include talks on (1) the Biography of Arminius, (2) God and Creation, (3) Providence and Predestination, and (4) Sin and Salvation. McCall and Stanglin are well-suited for this project, having recently coauthored Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace, which looks to be a great new resource on the important Dutch theologian. Here’s a recommendation from Calvin Theological Seminary’s Richard Muller:

“Keith Stanglin and Thomas McCall have provided a much needed introduction to the thought of this major theologian that is both scholarly and accessible. They set aside the prejudices and stereotypes that have often plagued the study of Arminius and provide a significant access to the main themes of his thought–a work to be studied by scholars in the field and valued by all students of the early modern roots of contemporary Protestant thought.”

I’m grateful for presently increasing interest in Arminius and the theology that carries his name. As regular readers of Incarnatio will know, I take the Arminian understanding of salvation to be an accurate expression of what we find in scripture. Many who criticize Arminius are stunningly unfamiliar with what he actually said, and many who call themselves Arminian misrepresent him and would be shocked to discover some of the things Arminius believed and taught. So, take a look at these videos. You can watch them below or click through to the FAS  Vimeo page. For a variety of other great resources, check out The Society of Evangelical Arminians.

Session 1: Biography of Arminius (Stanglin)

Session 2: God and Creation (McCall)

Session 3: Providence and Predestination (McCall)

Session 4: Sin and Salvation (Stanglin)

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