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Would you worship a God who…?

Here’s a gem from F.F. Bruce in his commentary on Hebrews 2:10:

There are many who are ready to tell us confidently what would and would not be worthy of God; but in fact the only way to discover what is a worthy thing for God to do is to consider what God has actually done. The person who says, “I could not have a high opinion of a God who would (or would not) do this or that,” is not adding anything to our knowledge of God; he is simply telling us something about himself.

Having told us all about ourselves, Bruce goes on to talk about God:

We may be sure that all that God does is worthy of himself, but here our author singles out one of God’s actions and tells us that it was a fitting thing for him to do. And what was that? It was his making Jesus, through his sufferings, perfectly qualified to be the Savior of his people. It is in the passion of our Lord that we see that we see very heart of God laid bare; nowhere is God more fully or more worthily revealed as God than when we see him “in Christ reconciling the world to himself” (The Epistle to the Hebrews, NICNT).
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