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Will it go to 11? Calvin’s Birthday and What You Should Know

Today is the 504th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth, and, like him or not, Calvin is one of those people whose impact on world history would be difficult to overstate. Like many, I object strongly to his notions of unconditional election and meticulous sovereignty. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a lot from Calvin and the theological tradition that still bears his name. In honor of his birthday, there are a few posts making their way around the web that will give you a little introduction to the life and ministry of the Genevan Reformer. If you are keen to know a little more about why Calvin changed his original plan to remain in Geneva only one night or how many different groups wanted to execute Servetus for heresy, head over to The Gospel Coalition for “9 Things You Should Know about John Calvin” by Joe Carter. For a glimpse at Calvin’s views on worship and the Eucharist, head over to Seedbed for “10 Things You Should Know” by Ben Espinoza. Careful readers will, of course, notice the disagreement on how many and which things we should know about Calvin. But Calvinists and Wesleyans have never agreed on matters relating to the affirmation of points, whether it’s 9, 10, or even 5. Why should we expect anything different now? The thing I’m wondering about is whether anyone will go Spinal Tap and write us a post that takes it all the way up to 11. 

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