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Theoblog Roundup

Here are a few interesting and recent posts from around the theoblogosphere:

  1. Ben Witherington deconstructs video-satelite churches.

  2. Larry Hurtado on the question: What is Christian origins?

  3. Scot McKnight asks: Is ecology part of the gospel? and What do most evangelicals believe about the rapture?

  4. Ed Stetzer considers whether its helpful to speak of “the gift of evangelism.”

  5. Riley B. Case believes the future of the United Methodist Church is at stake.

  6. Nijay Gupta calls for the revitilization of the biblioblogosphere; 1 & 2.

  7. Bob Kauflin considers the shelf-life of a worship song.

  8. Al Mohler critiques the next move in the making mainstream of abortion.

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