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Theoblog Roundup

A few recent and interesting posts from the theoblogosphere:

  1. Carl Trueman has two posts on Gregory of Nazianzus, who along with the other two Cappodocians and Athanasius, “were a kind of patristic Led Zeppelin” (part 1, part 2).

  2. Justin Taylor has advice from C. S. Lewis on writing well.

  3. Justin also has a list of recommended sermons and articles.

  4. Here’s more on writing well in the form of a panel interview with Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, John Starke, & Justin Taylor (this guy is everywhere).

  5. And for your daily dose of controversy, Scot McKnight asks whether the complementarian/egalitarian debate is central to the gospel.

That’s enough for now. Enjoy!

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