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Seven Pointers on Putting Pen to Paper

I enjoy writing.  If you read this blog, you probably already know that.  I also enjoy reading what other people write about writing.  I like to think I enjoy reading about writing because it is part of developing my own skill; however, it is more likely that I enjoy such reading because I can feel like I’m becoming a better writer without actually putting pen to paper (or digits to keys in this age of word processors).  One writer who has written on writing over the last year is Douglas Wilson.  He began by outlining “Seven Basic and Brief Pointers for Writers”.  He then, it seems, decided to elaborate on those brief pointers in a series of posts which came out periodically from April to Novemeber.  I enjoy Doug’s writing, and I’ve enjoyed this series on writing.  So, I thought I’d summarize and point the way to it here.  Each pointer is linked to the explanatory post.

Know something about the world.

Stretch before your routines.

Learn other languages, preferably languages that are upstream from ours.

Each post brings the typical Dougish blend of humor and wisdom.  You’ll have to click through to get all of that, though.  Enjoy.

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