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Reconstructing Methodism // April 26-27, 2024

With the launch of the Global Methodist Church (GMC), the opportunity has come to cultivate a fresh and faithful expression of the Wesleyan-Methodist movement. Many clergy and laity within the GMC continue to have questions related to theology, structure, and practices that will characterize the new denomination. Others considering the GMC as a potential denominational home have the same questions. All of them stand in need of a compelling vision of a new Methodist denomination that will be true to God, true to scripture, and true to our shared mission. Such a vision will require us to address a variety of questions. What will be the role of bishops? What are the theological foundations of starting a new denomination? What convictions undergird our global mission? How will we recover robust discipleship in local churches? How do we understand ordination and different orders of clergy? How will we recover Methodism’s missional heart? What is our doctrine of scripture? How will we cultivate compelling preaching? The speakers at Reconstructing Methodism will address these questions and more. Join us as we envision a vital future for the people called Methodists.

Speakers include Bishop Scott Jones, Jason Vickers, Keith Boyette, Angela Pleasants, Paul Lawler, Madeline Carrasco Henners, Matt Ayars, Bill T. Arnold, Andrew Thompson, Chris Bounds, and more.


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