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Reclaiming Revelation

Having written recently on the importance of Revelation for recapturing an eschatology of hope, I was excited to see this post from friend, pastor, and eschatologian Chad Brooks on “Reclaiming Revelation in the Year the World Will End.”  Chad writes:

Unless you have been under a rock for the last month, one of the revolving themes in culture this year are predictions regarding 2012 being end of life as we know it. Various television channels, movies, blog posts, and even respectable news outlets are giving attention to the phenomenon.
As pastors, those who teach the word of God and lead faith communities, we need to be engaged in conversation within the wider arena. If the end truly belongs to anyone, it belongs to the church of Jesus Christ. The core truth of Christianity thrusts itself towards the idea of a singular event, called the eschaton, in which the good and righteous will prevail and God recreates this earth. This truth stands as the anchoring hope of the Church, and no book deals with this truth more expansively than the book of Revelation.

Read the rest of the post at Seedbed to discover two entry points for reclaiming Revelation for the church. Find more from Chad at Outside is Better.


NB: For those who read Chad’s post and are now wondering, the answer is yes. The course number for Dr. Mulholland’s class on Revelation really is NT 666, which means the number of the beast will forever be on my official academic record.

Image: Icon of the Apocalypse of St. John (c. 16th century)

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