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New Book Notice: "Listen, Understand, Obey: Essays on Hebrews in Honor of Gareth Lee Cockerill&

I’m excited to announce the publication of a new collection of essays written in honor of Prof. Gary Cockerill on the occasion of his retirement. The book is called Listen, Understand, Obey: Essays on Hebrews in Honor of Gareth Lee Cockerill (edited by Caleb T. Friedeman). Dr. Cockerill has been a mentor to me for several years now, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to this volume as an expression of gratitude for his kindness. Dr. Cockerill is a scholar with the heart of a pastor, and he’s impacted countless students during his 35 years of teaching at Wesley Biblical Seminary (WBS) in Jackson, Mississippi. He’s served the last four years as Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology, a role which has been instrumental in the growth and increasing strength of WBS. 

All of the essays in this book deal with Hebrews, which has been a central focus of Dr. Cockerill’s scholarship throughout his career. In 2012, his commentary on Hebrews replaced F.F. Bruce’s volume in the NICNT. Grant Osborne called that commentary one of  “the top three ever written” on that book of the New Testament. Dr. Cockerill has also written on Christian Faith in the Old Testament (2014). You can read about that book in the author interview on this blog (part 1 and part 2). The title of this new collection of essays comes from Dr. Cockerill himself, who would often exhort his students while lecturing on Hebrews to “listen, understand, obey.” Here’s the publisher’s description:

“This volume brings together a diverse group of scholars, including biblical, systematic, and historical theologians, to honor Gareth Lee Cockerill, longtime professor of New Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary (Jackson, MS) and distinguished scholar of the book of Hebrews. The essays focus on various aspects of Hebrews’ theology, ranging from the nature of -rest- in Hebrews to the interpretation of Hebrews in early Methodism. Readers will find resources to hear and comprehend Hebrews afresh and will be challenged to draw near to the throne of grace with confidence (Heb 4:16).”

Here are the endorsements:

“This fine collection of essays by both senior scholars and our junior colleagues makes a worthy contribution to the scholarship of Hebrews and a fitting tribute to its honoree.”
–Karen H. Jobes, PhD, Gerald F. Hawthorne Professor Emerita of New Testament Greek and Exegesis, Wheaton College
Dr. Cockerill is one of the truly fine exegetes of our day, and his commentary on Hebrews is among the top three ever written. This Festschrift is a goldmine of fine material that will aid the cause of Christ for years to come. I look forward to using this work in my own writing and ministry.
–Grant R. Osborne, PhD, Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

A big word of thanks goes to Caleb Friedeman, a Ph.D. candidate in New Testament at Wheaton College, who did the hard work of editing the volume. He did an excellent job keeping the project on pace and bringing it through to completion. Get your copy from the publisher or Amazon.

Dr. Matt O’Reilly is pastor of St. Mark Church in Mobile, Alabama, a fellow of the Center for Pastor Theologians, and an adjunct member of the faculties of Asbury Theological Seminary and Wesley Biblical Seminary. Hear him on the So What? Podcast, connect on Facebook, or follow @mporeilly.

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