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More on the Arminocalvinist Spectrum

Adrian Warnock has responded to my previous post on his discussion of the Arminocalvinist spectrum.  Here’s what he says:

I do take your point about the Open Theists, but we have to put up with the Hypercalvinists who’s attachment to the doctrines of grace leaves them seeming graceless! I genuinely believe that is one of those debates where those closest to the middle, far from compromising, seem to be closest to the Bible. Truth be told, sometimes the Bible itself sounds quite Arminian, and at other times I would argue it definitely sounds quite Calvinist!

Likewise, I take your point on the Hypercalvinists.  I also agree that the points closer to the middle are probably better reflections of scripture.  I wanted to add that I think we agree that what really matters is one’s love for Christ and the scriptures.  I can work with people who disagree with me on resistible grace, if they get excited about Jesus.  I also think that the more Calvinistic emphases on the transcendence, glory, and majesty of God should be absorbed by Arminians.  I have benefited greatly from many Calvinist preachers and writers.  We would all do well to see what we can learn from each other in an effort to honor our common Lord and grow in our understanding of the scriptures. Again, thanks for the interaction.  It has been fun and beneficial.

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