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John Wesley on Self-Denial: A Reflection for Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day in Lent. To mark the beginning of this season in the Church year, here is a quote from John Wesley from his sermon on “Self-Denial,”

“The denying ourselves and the taking up our cross, in the full extent of the expression, is not a thing of small concern: It is not expedient only, as are some of the circumstantials of religion; but it is absolutely, indispensably necessary, either to our becoming or continuing his disciples. It is absolutely necessary, in the very nature of the thing, to our coming after Him and following Him; insomuch that, as far as we do not practise it, we are not his disciples. If we do not continually deny ourselves, we do not learn of Him, but of other masters. If we do not take up our cross daily, we do not come after Him, but after the world, or the prince of the world, or our own fleshly mind. If we are not walking in the way of the cross, we are not following Him; we are not treading in his steps; but going back from, or at least wide of, Him.”

A sober reminder from Wesley that the practice of self-denial during the season of Lent is an opportunity to focus on the that which must characterize the Christian life year round.

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