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Free Wesleyan-Holiness Resources! @OfficialSeedbed #andcanitbe

Seedbed has just announced a new partnership with First Fruits Publishing to release a number of classic Wesleyan-holiness works and other resources in electronic format for free. Did you catch that? Free books! The First Fruits collection can be found here. The collection includes the second edition of Kenneth J. Collins’ now well-known Wesley Bibliography and a number of works by Henry Clay Morrison, Robert Coleman, and Howard Snyder. One of Seedbed’s goals is to cultivate renewal in Wesleyan-holiness theology, and if you want resources on the holiness movement in America, Seedbed is quickly becoming the go-to place for both previously hard-to-find historic materials and new resources in a variety of media formats. It looks like there are more resources to come as a result of this partnership including some academic journals and audio recordings. You can read the full details in the Seedbed press release

#Announcements #Holiness #UnitedMethodistChurch #WesleyandWesleyanism

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