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Book Note: Hermeneutics by Porter and Robinson

I’ve recently had the chance to review Hermeneutics: An Introduction to Interpretive Theory by Stanley Porter and Jason Robinson, and wanted to call attention to it here, because I’ve found it to be an altogether helpful book. Many readers of this blog will have had a course in theological method which surveyed Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment theories of critical interpretation, and they will know that it’s not easy to get a handle on the major figures and the schools of thought they represent, not to mention their relationship and attitudes to one another. Porter and Robinson have provided an outstanding tool intended for students in advanced undergraduate and graduate studies that maps out the major players in modern hermeneutics, introduces their contribution, and provides a solid critical analysis of their method. If you are in seminary or graduate school in theology or biblical studies, this book will help you understand why your discipline is where it is today.

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