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Book Giveaway: Spirituality According to Paul by Rodney Reeves

I’ve got an extra copy of Rodney Reeves recent book Spirituality According to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ (IVP) to give away. Reeves is professor of biblical studies at Southwest Baptist University. Here’s the publisher’s description:

Spirituality often evokes images of quiet centeredness, meditative serenity and freedom from life’s pressures. It’s become a chic commodity, with its benefits evoked by images of sunrises and secluded retreats.
Contrast the apostle Paul, who promotes a cross-shaped spirituality for fools making their way though life’s trials. Paul realized that images of crucifixion, burial and resurrection would never be popular images of the spiritual life. So he encourages his fellow travelers, who are spiritually united with Christ, to “follow me as I follow Christ.”
As he explores this ancient spiritual path, Rodney Reeves probes our understanding of what Christian spirituality should be. And to illuminate its transformative power, he gives us living illustrations of what it means to follow Paul as he followed Christ. Here is a book that joins a deep understanding of Paul with a pastoral and spiritual wisdom born of experience.

Here’s how you enter to win a free copy of this book:

Post a recommendation with link to Incarnatio (or to your favorite Incarnatio post) on your blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or other social media platform. Posting a link to multiple social media sites and mentioning this book giveaway will only increase your chances of winning. And subscribing in the sidebar to the right to receive Incarnatio by email will boost your chances also.

Leave a comment on this post indicating on which sites you recommended Incarnatio and whether you subscribed to receive posts via email. Include a link to your posts (remember to make them public) so they can be verified. On Facebook, click on the time stamp of your post for to get the link. On Twitter, expand your post and click on “details”.

I will (subjectively) judge the winner taking into account the creativity and quality of your recommendation. I’ll announce the winner next Monday and message him or her on Facebook or Twitter (a good reason to include links to your recommendations) to request your mailing address, and then I’ll drop the book in the mail. The contest is limited to the lower 48 United States to keep postage down, but feel free to recommend Incarnatio even if you live elsewhere.

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