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Biblical Theology Resources for Pastors

Many pastors may be curious about this fairly new thing they’ve heard of known as ‘biblical theology.’  What is it all about?  Well, the answer will vary depending on whether you are in an academic setting or a church setting.  But the main thing you should know is this: biblical theology aims to read the Bible as a whole.  The discipline looks for the overarching narrative of scripture, especially as it points to Christ. 

This is a significant move from what many pastors have been taught in seminary.  For a long time, seminary students have not been taught to read the Old Testament as Christian scripture.  That is, we have not necessarily been taught to consider how the Old Testament points to Christ.  Fortunately, a good bit of work is being done in this area, and much of it is quite accessible.  Let me recommend two books for getting started.  If these whet your appetite, their bibliographies will point you to more resources. 

These two resources will give you a good introduction to the importance of biblical theology for ministry.  Together they will provide content and method for this all-important discipline.  Enjoy!


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